Dr Tee E Siong

"Diet-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers can affect anyone. Eating right and living an active life are the only ways to reducing risk to these diseases. We urge everyone to recognise this, empower yourself with the appropriate knowledge, and take immediate action to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and active living. NMM educational materials have been specifically prepared to assist you; make full use of them."

- Dr Tee E Siong,
Chairman, National Steering Committee of Nutrition Month Malaysia &  President, Nutrition Society of Malaysia

HE-AL: Guide to Healthy Eating & Active Living Publication

HE-AL: Guide to Healthy Eating & Active Living

Make time for healthy eating to avoid having to make time to treat illness!

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Make Time for Health

Although health is one of the most important things in life, we often don't bother to make time to ensure that we stay healthy.

NMM Special Compilation

NMM Special Compilation

A multi-stakeholder strategic partnership for community nutrition empowerment.