My Cookbook With Bread

Front cover of My Cookbook with Bread  publication

Yummy, Healthy and Fun Bread Recipes for Kids

Table of Contents

  • Let’s Have Fun
  • 10 Safery & Hygiene Tips in the Kitchen
  • Baked Beans Layer Sandwich Recipe
  • Tuna Salsa Cheesy Sandwich Recipe
  • Chicken Salad Wraps Recipe
  • Bruschetta Recipe
  • Fruity Bread Shake Recipe
  • Bread Trivia
  • Smiley Egg Bread Recipe
  • Fruity Kebab with Yogurt Dip Recipe
  • Nutty Banana Toast Recipe
  • Fruit Salad & Toast Recipe
  • Spinach & Chicken Quiche Recipe
  • Meat-Bread Parcel Recipe
  • Tomato Bread Pizza Recipe
  • Fun Facts About Bread